Sunday, December 13, 2009

One more week!

It's very difficult to believe that there is only one week left to our first semester! These 4 months have sped by! We had a wonderful winter concert last week. The children performed beautifully and even the papparazzi (parents with cameras) didn't scare them! Thank you to all the parents that helped with setup, cleanup, and donating goodies for after the concert!

The 3's class had a visit from Santa last week! They were awestruck! It was so nice of Santa to take some time out of his busy schedule to visit with our three year olds! Thanks Santa!

With the new year quickly approaching, I want to thank all of our current families and former families for devoting so much time to Coop and their children! Coop is such a wonderful place for children and the parents involved make the teacher's jobs easier! Thank you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome December!

Wow, it's December already! This is the time of year that makes preschool life sometimes difficult! It's best for parents and teachers/caregivers to remember that keeping to normal routines as much as possible is vital for children! It can be difficult. Whenever possible limit holiday excitement. I know this can be difficult. Does anyone watch TV? Holidays are all over the television world. There are parties, concerts, shopping, gifts, so much to do and so little time! Take the time for your children, it's so important!

The four's classroom is busy this month learning about rhyming through nursery rhymes and related activities. Each day a new rhyme is introduced and the activities that day center around the nursery rhyme. At circle time we identify the words that rhyme and we find other words that rhyme with the common rhyming word introduced. The kids are having a lot of fun doing this. It's OK if the word they rhyme is a nonsense word. The focus is on the rhyming sound and identifying it.

Today we did Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick. They identified all kinds of words that rhyme with quick and stick. We practiced jumping over a candle stick and other ways of getting over and around the candle stick. For art we made candles by painting a toilet paper tube white and sprinkling it with gold glitter. We glued the tube to a small paper plate and put in a red tissue paper flame. The candles turned out beautiful and can even be a great holiday decoration!

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