Thursday, January 28, 2010

Busy January

Wow, we've been busy! The classes have been learning about winter and community helpers. The 3's class visited a local shoe store and learned all about how to make shoes and how to repair shoes, they had a great time!

The 3's and 4-5's classes visited a local Childrens Science Museum this week. They learned about reptiles, specifically a box turtle, two bearded dragons, and a corn snake. They spent the rest of the morning playing in the exhibits.

Next week a well known, local percussionist, and a former Coop parent and teacher, will visit the school for an enrichment activity on drumming.

February is looking to be just as busy as January!

Art Activity:

Hibernating bear in cave;
Paint a styrofoam cup brown and glue some cotton balls around it for snow. Be sure to make a small opening in the top of the cup for the cave entrance, glue the cup, upside down to a small paper plate and glue a brown or black pompom in the cave opening and you have a bear in a cave!


Bear Snores On written by Karma Wilson

Monday, January 18, 2010

I have a dream

I have a dream.
* Martin Luther King said these powerful words, “I have a dream.” I too have a dream. I dream of the day when teachers will be acknowledge, honored, and respected for the key roles they play in building the future. I dream of the day when parents will look at you who work with children and realize how important your work and your influence are in the lives of their children. They will respect you and want to work together as a team on behalf of their children.I dream of the day when lawmakers will respect you, the work you do and the difference you make in the lives of children, and hear your collective voice before making decisions that influence your lives and the lives of children. I dream of the day when the corporate world will acknowledge you for the key role you play in preparing their future employees.I dream of the day when you will walk inside a room filled with people and when someone says, “What do you do,” you respond, “I’m a teacher,” and they will applaud you and thank you for the important work you do. I dream of the day when students will come into your schools and classrooms with newfound respect passed on from their families and salute you as a huge difference-maker in their lives.Thank you Martin Luther King. Your words inspired us to dream, too. You inspired us to dream about the future as we build a better world for children.Have a great day and a wonderful week.* I have sent this message several years in a row. I pray for the day that this dream comes true.Maryln

copied from Maryln and More Blog, Applebaum training institute January 18, 2010

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