Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Year

The 2009-2010 school year is underway! We've been busy in all three classrooms learning about ourselves, our families, and our friends! This week we'll begin a unit on "Germs". On Monday the C-U Public Health's "Germ Busters" will be visiting our three year old and four year old classrooms. We'll continue doing the activities on keeping germs at bay the rest of the week in our classrooms. We'll learn about proper handwashing, covering our noses and mouths when we sneeze and cough, learn about the importance of sleep, exercise, and healthy foods in keeping germs at bay!

A cute book is "Wash Your Hands!" by Tony Ross

A cute activity is taking a small paperplate and having your child draw their face on it, trace around their hand and cut it out, attach a tissue to the hand and staple the hand to the plate so that when it sneezes, it cover the mouth!

A science activity to demonstrate how a sneeze lets the germs fly through the air:

Take two balloons, put some hole punch confetti in each, blow one balloon up and tie it off, leave the other balloon deflated. Talk with the children about the importance of "catching" or "blocking" the germs when sneezing and coughing. Blow up the the deflated balloon and hold a tissue in front of the opening, let the air out and the confetti will go into the tissue. Then take a pin and pop the inflated balloon and watch the confetti fly!

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