Thursday, November 19, 2009

November Happenings!

November is flying by! Since my last post we've had a visit/demo from a local Tae Kwan Do studio. The kids loved it! It amazes me how they listen so well to the instructor during this enrichment activity. I also like how the instructor talks with them about stranger awareness. You can never talk to little about that topic with young children.

We also had an enrichment activity from the U of I's Vet med's wildlife department. They brought two owls and a hawk. The kids were very interested in them, but then one of them "pooped" and you should have seen the excitement. Come to find out that it wasn't "poop" at all but urine. Very interesting!

Our fundrasing event at a local department store was another great success! Thanks to our parents that pitched in and worked in the store and selling the coupon books! Coop couldn't be such a success without the parents!

Thanksgiving art:

Take a clear latex glove, fill the fingers with different colored tissue paper, fill the thumb with red tissue paper, fill the body of the glove with rice or sand and voila, you have a turkey!

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