Friday, February 12, 2010

What is a parent cooperative preschool?

It's a wonderful learning environment for preschool children! There are different types of parent cooperative preschools. Some are full cooperatives like ours and others are partial cooperatives. Full participating cooperatives are truly parent owned and operated. Parents serve on the governing board, they assist the teachers in the classroom, they plan special events, organize and participate in fundraising activities, and maintain the school environment. Partial participating cooperatives usually have parents on the governing board, parents implement and organize fundraising activities, special events, and maintain the school environment. But the one thing that is lacking in a partial parent cooperative is the parents assisting in the classroom. I believe that the parents in the classroom everyday is what truly makes for a wonderful preschool environment! Parents bring their talents into the classroom which enriches the curriculum! They bring a natural caring and nurturing aspect into the classroom. They get to know their children's playmates and develop long lasting friendships with the other parents in the school. Research has proven the importance of parent involvement in their child's education. At our school parent involvement is an everyday thing! Parents that enroll their children in a cooperative preschool do work hard, but the hard work is all for their children!

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